Ovulation Induction and Timed Intercourse

Ovulation induction is first line treatment which is an excellent method that correct the defects of ovulation , PCO (polycystic ovary syndrome) unexplained infertility, etc. It is simple, cost effective and efficient.


The purpose is to obtain an. Ovulation of one or two eggs, it allows to time intercourse or IUI (intrauterine. Insemination)


Ovulation induction with Clomid/Femara/Gonadotropins:

-Clomid, the most well-known fertility drug, also known as clomiphene citrate and it is used to treat ovulation problems (anovulation). Clomid is often used in the treatment of irregular cycles and of polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) related infertility. About 40 to 45% of couples get pregnant within six months of treatment.

Clomid is widely used as an ovulation induction agent and should only be used for three ovulatory cycles unless the patient in under the care of a fertility specialist. Ovulatory dysfunction is a common cause of female infertility, occurring in up to 40% of infertile women.

-Femara (letrozole) is a medication used as hormone therapy used for ovulation induction, which works by reducing the amount of estrogen produced in the bodies of postmenopausal women.

-Gonadotropins include FSH, LH, or a combination of both, hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) may also be used, as it mimics LH in the body. These hormonal medications are typically used when clomiphene citrate fails, or if the pituitary gland can not create LH and FSH on its own.

FSH is employed in vitro fertilization cycles where it stimulates the development of numerous eggs needed for the various Artificial Reproductive Technologies (ART) procedures. It is also used by fertility specialists in stimulated IUI cycles.